Monday, 3 September 2007

Lupa Pizza

Oh, Yum. Lupa is possibly the best pizza place in London. If you're not into thick, greasy Domino style pizza, then Lupa is for you. They boast Italian-style pizza with only the freshest ingredients. For simpler tastes the Lupa Margarita with Lem Oil and Avocado is delicious, as is the Americana, a BBQ chicken pizza with caramelized red onions. There's plenty of options to choose from (the Luco with crayfish tails, the Stagioni with spicy Italian sausage...) and they're happy to make adjustments that suit your tastes.

Lupa Pizza is takeout or delivery only. If you're lucky enough to live in it's Crouch End or West Hampstead catchment area (they deliver to surrounding areas too) and have a craving for quality food, order online - you won't be disappointed.
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