Friday, 5 October 2007

John Lewis' Food Hall

If you're able to brave Oxford Street, you might like to grab a bite to eat at the new (and only) Food Hall in John Lewis. Britain's faithful department store has teamed up with it's sister company, Waitrose to bring a food hall that's "inspired by the great food halls of the world", such as those at the Isetan department store in Tokyo, the Globus stores in Switzerland, and by the "gastronomic food boutiques" of Paris.

The Food Hall is located in the basement of John Lewis on Oxford Street, and boasts 40 types of bread, 109 lines of fish, 80 types of champagne and 115 cheeses. There is also a a counter selling restaurant-quality takeaways and a lunchtime food service. And get this - they have a "tube dasher" service, allowing nearby workers to shop at lunchtime, store it all in a fridge and then pick it up after work.
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