Thursday, 13 November 2008

The Kitchen

A few weeks ago, I visited The Kitchen in Parsons Green. All I can say is, Where have you been all my life? Preparing a week's worth of dinners doesn't get much easieror fun!

The Kitchen's brought a new concept to the UK, where you select meals online and then head to their store in Parson's Green to assemble them. Ingredients, directions and packaging materials are all prepared for you in advance. You basically show up, assemble the meals at the shop, then take them home to cook at your convenience (meals can be stuck in the freezer for up to a month). I left with a week's worth of dinners, which is pretty great considering my usual dinner preparations are thwarted by two tired kids.

All products of the The Kitchen are sourced from ethical distributors, using organic and free-range when possible.

And if you've got a question or aren't so confident in your cooking skills, Michelin Star Chef Thierry Laborde and his team are happy to give you tips along the way.

The Kitchen is great for a night out with friends, a baby shower or a kid's party. More info on classes here.
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