Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Handpicked Collection

I recently ordered London in a Bag from The Handpicked Collection. I have to say, it's adorable and something I consider a must-have for any little one with a connection to our lovely city. It's wooden, well-made and includes all the major monuments: Big Ben, Parliament, the London Eye, 10 Downing Street (and lots more)! Plus it comes in a handy little bag, which is helpful for keeping all the pieces together.

Then I eyed the animal Pump-Up Torch (no batteries needed--hooray!) and ordered two for stockings. I've already tested them out. You just pump up the arm/wing of the animal and you've got hours of use. Great for my daughter's new fear of the dark!

fyi: The Handpicked Collection is shipping Christmas orders through Dec 22 (next day delivery) and Dec 18 (standard delivery).

(p.s. I'm thinking this Dragonfly Necklace should be on my Christmas list...)
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