Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Snack Time Never Ends

In my daily perusal of the New York Times, I came across an article that I found both humourous and spot-on. Snack Time Never Ends, written by Jennifer Steinhauer, discusses how we've become a 'snacking people' and that as far as children are concerned, 'snacks seem both mandatory and constant.'

Take mum of two, Carolynne Dyner, for example.

'Carolynne Dyner sees the purpose of snacks for her children, Quinn, who is 7, and Sadie, 5, through a fairly simple prism. “To stave off tantrums, of course,” she said. From their days caring for infants, she said, parents are conditioned to be prepared for a sudden attack of hunger. And so she keeps her car and purse amply packed with pretzels, baggies of Cinnamon Life cereal, Goldfish crackers and Clif bars.'

This really resonated with me in a hilarious, but oh-so-true kind of way. Perhaps ages 7 and 5 are a bit old to use snacks as pacifiers? But as for my 19-month-old, I always have ample supply of something to shove in his mouth the moment he's entering 'tantrum zone'.

{Note: the entire article is entertaining. Have a read and share your thoughts in the comments.}
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