Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Blossom & Jasmine

Talk about heaven. Just last week I experienced an at-home facial with mobile beauty company Blossom and Jasmine. Maybe the best thing I did all month! It was my first facial if you can believe that... and it was simply amazing.

Blossom & Jasmine consultant, Carly, arrived at my home promptly. She was well-equipped with everything you'd find in a normal spa: massage table, music, speakers, Dermalogica products, and all else imaginable. I felt so utterly pampered and relaxed during my facial.  And all in the comfort of my own home while two little children were sound asleep! In fact, the entire experience has helped me realise I need more facials in my life... and the beauty of Blossom and Jasmine, is that I won't ever have to leave my house to enjoy them.

Moral of the story? I highly suggest you do yourself a favour and book a treatment with Blossom & Jasmine. After all, mums, more than anyone else, deserve pampering and moments of peace and relaxation.

You can find the full treatment list and booking information on their website. Enjoy!
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