Monday, 22 March 2010

London Cupcakes: Primrose Bakery

A delightful afternoon.
 My first visit to Primrose Bakery.

the afternoon hours set in & need for sugar heightens.
 recall a cupcake shop in Primrose Hill. 
google it. map it. head there.
arrive at the lovely Primrose Bakery
admire window display. take photo. enter shop. 
a small yet buzzing bakery. the few tables are full. head straight for cupcake counter.
a beautiful vision! So many flavours, so many colours. (some more appealing than others. earl grey? interesting, but no thanks.).  
chocolate, vanilla, lemon & carrot cupcakes, please.
all delicately packaged in a lovely box.

we take them home.
admire them. sample them.
eat dinner (the restraint, i know)
 and then full on consume them.
all in all, a lovely experience and a highly recommended afternoon activity for mum + kids.
(cupcake notes: for my favourite homemade cupcakes click here (i think they are hard to beat, even by the best of bakeries). next cupcake testing: ottolenghi. friends say they are delicious.)
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