Thursday, 13 May 2010


A Saturday morning all to myself. No kids, no obligations. First stop? My very first visit to Cocomaya! Located on Connaught Street, Cocomaya is known for their fine chocolates and artisan bakery. Each has their own dedicated shop, side by side.

At the bakery, I treated myself to the blueberry and vanilla custard brioche. Divine! I already can't wait to take friends and family here and eat the exact same thing. Yes, it was really that delicious.

As expected, I also had to visit the chocolate shop. I chatted with one of the lovely owners who helped me select a variety of chocolates -- my favourites were the house truffles (in milk or 72% dark) and the salted caramels (coated in dark chocolate). The taste, the texture -- all extraordinary. And of course, what's a charming chocolate shop without gorgeous packaging? My selection was gifted in a beautiful box with co-ordinating ribbon.

A perfect gift... or even a nice little 'pick me up' for yourself! It certainly made my day.

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