Friday, 7 May 2010

London Mums: Basma Alireza

Basma and Yasmin Alireza, Blossom Mother and Child

This week's interview features Basma Alireza, co-founder of Blossom Mother and Child, a favourite one-stop shop for fashionable London mothers. Basma lives in South Kensington with her two children - son Jad (5), and daughter Sama (3). In 2003, Basma and sister Yasmin created Blossom Mother and Child, establishing a lifestyle concept that caters to the mothers of today. As their website states, at Blossom, you can find everything from 'designer clothing and denim to baby gifts and teething granules'.

Today, Blossom Mother and Child operates in three London locations: Walton Street, Marylebone High Street and Harrods. They also have a presence in the Middle East: Beirut, Dubai and Riyadh. 

Tell us about Blossom Mother and Child. What inspired you to create it?
We wanted to create the ultimate one stop shop for mothers - where every product is extensively researched and chosen for its exceptional quality. We were the first women's boutique to combine maternity clothing with non-maternity clothing, reflecting the way the expectant mother of today shops. Our Blossom stores provide mothers with a sanctuary from the outside world, a place where they can have a great shoppng experience and where their every need is met.

What were your favourite maternity pieces when pregnant?
Blossom jeans of course! I also love our cotton bras and our basic tops which you can dress up or dress down according to the occasion.

Any tips for balancing work + family life?
Be organised. If you focus on what you want to achieve in a day, it is amazing what you can actually get done. It is not about the quantity of time that you spend with your kids but the quality.

Share your best advice for a mum wanting to start her own business:
It's OK to be afraid, but take the leap!

What are your family's favourite things to do in London?
We love the Science Museum, food channels and baking - cookies, cakes, bread, whatever... My kids and I are constantly trying out new recipes and shopping for ingredients!

Is there a particular piece of baby/kid gear that you've found indispensable?
I loved the Dream Denil pregnancy pillow - it helped me sleep well, especially at the end of my pregnancy when sleeping becomes uncomfortable. I then used it as a nursing pillow after giving birth We have shipped it to our customers everywhere. The Ritmo Sound system which introduces babies to music before birth is also one of my favourites.

If you're shopping for yourself, which shops do you frequent?
I love vintage clothing and small designers. I tend to travel a lot so I am constantly looking for one off pieces. I also like Matches and Joseph in London and Intermix and Scoop in NY. They all carry a variety of designers that you can choose from depending on your style.

You have a day all to yourself. No work and no kids. What are you going to do?
Wow... That is very rare. Let's see... a long workout, a good book, and a girlie hang.

Bakeries, restaurants, food! Where do you love to eat?
Kensington Square Kitchen is a favourite of mine -- they have delicious brownies!

And lastly, your favourite website(s)?
Amazon -- for virtually daily purchases!
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