Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Rocket Gardens

While visiting a friend last summer, I immediately became enamoured with her vegetable garden. The plants were thriving and producing an abundance of food. Compared to my meager three balcony pots (only one of which was producing), I had serious garden envy! 

Thankfully, she shared her secret: Rocket Gardens. Based in West Cornwall, Rocket Gardens specialises in delivering baby organic vegetable, fruit and herb plants to your door. They eliminate the hard work and risk that comes with growing plants from seedlings. You receive your chosen plants only when they are stable and ready to be transplanted into your own garden. 

What's great for us city dwellers, is that Rocket Gardens offer a range of packages to suit any living situation. From a window box or patio garden to an entire allotment, there are garden options for spaces of all shapes and sizes. You can find a list of their gardens, plants and accessories here.

(Photos via Rocket Garden)
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