Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Pin It Forward

So happy to be participating in the Pin It Forward blogger mashup that's hosted by sfgirlbybay and visual bookmarking website Pinterest. If you haven't heard of Pinterest, go and check it out pronto! It's a super easy and inspiring way to keep track of all the lovely images you spot on the web {complete with linking back to the original site of the image}. 

On to the blogger mashup! I'm one of 300 bloggers who have created Pinterest 'pinboards' around the theme: what home means to me. Road to Wonder passed the Pin It Forward baton to me, and following this post, I'm passing it to live happy {who will post Wednesday}.

what home means to me:

London is my home. Nearly 5 years ago I moved to the city {from small town California} to be with my husband. Now I feel as if London is in my soul. The streets, architecture, parks, people, shopping, bakeries, food... I am inspired every day by this city. {images: poppytalkhandmade, famillesummerbelle, Etsy}  

Home is a London flat - complete with plenty of natural light, views of the garden, and charming character. Home includes fresh flowers, good books {+ comfy spaces to read}, home-baked goods, a never-ending supply of children's artwork, and of course, a proper afternoon tea with my daughter. {images: mirrormirror, Toast, interiorsbyfrancesca, coxandcox, ohdeedoh, teaforjoy}  

Home is also enjoying our natural surroundings and making the most out of our fickle weather. That might include a garden pool party one day.... umbrellas and wellies the next. Home is family picnics in our garden... or living area. And of course, we barbecue as often as the sun allows. {Images: me, Etsy, Toastcoxandcox} 

What's home to you? 

{p.s. You can find more of my inspiration boards here.}
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