Monday, 10 January 2011

Merci (Paris)

We're back from a fabulous weekend in Paris--a quick getaway to see friends coupled with charming city-walking and fantastic food. 

A highlight of the weekend included my much anticipated visit to the Parisian homestore Merci. I previously read about Merci from the blog Stephmodo. Later, I learned that the owners were the same people who founded Bonpoint. Merci also gives 100% of proceeds to a charity in Madagascar. Add all that together and naturally visiting was a top priority! 

Of course, I was not disappointed. Merci houses an eclectic mix of old and new, affordable and expensive. From clothing to furniture to fun kitchen accessories and bedding and perfume... A fine shopping experience, indeed!

Some of my favourites:

LOVE these chairs. 

Has paper dinnerware ever looked so cool?

Would happily take any one of these chairs...

A puzzle dinner!

Charming bookstore cafe.

The front of Merci (minus the red fiat to the right).
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