Friday, 27 May 2011

Father's Day

My husband is in for a treat come Father's Day... He'll be receiving a pair of these sweet Mini Picasso Cufflinks, personalised with a drawing from our daughter. Can you make out that they are holding hands in the picture? So sweet!

The cufflinks are sold by The Handpicked Collection. Aren't they such a lovely gift? And so easy. After you purchase the cufflinks, you'll receive directions regarding how to submit your artwork or photo. All you need to do is scan the image and then email it to the address supplied. 

I'm really impressed by how the shrunken drawing manages to keep all the same details and vibrant colour as the original. And the customer service was fantastic! 

What are your favourite Father's Day gifts to give? We can always use more ideas...

(Photo via lindseylphillips Instagram)
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