Thursday, 26 May 2011

major milestone: riding a bike!

My daughter calls herself a "proper bike-rider" now that she's mastered cycling. It's a very exciting thing in our house -- for all of us! Thankfully, we have plenty of iphone videos and photos to document this newfound talent. And as for her old pink balance bike, it's been handed down to her little brother who doesn't mind the colour one bit!

She's now riding a 16" Ridgeback Melody, and so far, it's been a fabulous first "real" bike, oozing of quality. Other than not providing a kickstand, I can't fault it. Ridgeback also make 12" and 20" bikes for children.

Are you at the bike-riding stage yet? Did you go the balance-bike-to-big-bike route? Or stabilisers first? Perhaps your kids love the Mini Micro Scooter like my kids do! (The easiest mode of kid transportation, I think.)
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