Thursday, 7 July 2011

Food Rules

One of my favourite health books is the very quick + amusing read Food Rules. It's a small, thin paperback that's full of practical ways to create a healthier lifestyle. I like it so much that I put it in my husband's stocking last Christmas... and then read it before he did.

These are some of my favourite "rules" (and by saying they're my favourite, I am in no way implying that I always follow them!):

- Serve a proper portion and don't go back for seconds.
- Pay more, eat less.
- Eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself.
- Don't eat breakfast cereals that change the colour of the milk. 
- Eat only foods that have been cooked by humans.
- Eat only foods that will eventually rot.

Do you have any favourite food rules? Have you read any other Michael Pollan books?
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