Saturday, 17 September 2011

Igloo Kids and shoe shopping

Children's shoes are one of the most difficult things to shop for. Maybe my kids daughter is just super picky, but there is always something wrong with the fit or style. And it's even worse when that 'problem' occurs just after you've bought the shoes!

That said, my go-to London shoe store for kids is Igloo. It's more expensive, but I've found that paying for quality footwear means that the shoes last longer and they fit better (thus less complaining from my children). Igloo always measures my children's feet, and they also give me their professional opinion about a shoe's fit, even if it means losing a sale.

Is shopping for children's shoes difficult for you too? What's your favourite children's shoe shop? I just passed Papillon today, which looks gorgeous as well.

(Igloo is located in Islington, St John's Wood, Chelsea. Their range of items includes shoes, toys, books, clothing and much more. They also have an online store.)
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