Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Happy New Year! We're back from Christmas holidays and ready to start 2012. I can confidently say that traveling on an airplane with a 3-year-old and 5-year-old is infinitely easier than it was during their toddler years. I still recall the mistake of taking transatlantic flights (on my own) with both children at 18-months-old... painful.

Here are some tips for traveling with small(ish) children (not babies).

1. When it comes to long-haul journeys, the latest flights available work best for us. Eventually we hit bedtime and my kids fall asleep. (For shorter flights, this doesn't apply.)
2. Have them bring and wear their own backpack.
3. Pack it with an extra change of clothes (this came in handy when travel sickness hit my daughter...).
4. Bring wipes (even if they are potty-trained).
5. Consider buying their own headphones.
6. Pack snacks (I also brought them each a sandwich in case they wouldn't eat the in-flight meal. My youngest will do anything for Tic-Tacs, so these are a must too).
7. Pack an empty water bottle (we fill it up once we pass security).
8. And of course, if you have an iPad and/or iPhone, bring that too...

What are your tips for long-haul flights with kids?

p.s. Cute airplane models (above) from Smallable.
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