Friday, 27 January 2012

Review: David Bier Photography

Just before Christmas, my children and I met up with London photographer David Bier, for a winter's day photo session in Regent's Park. Specialising in storybook images, David aims to capture children in the moment and document them as they are — happy, energetic, innocent, full of life, and of course, as individuals buzzing with their own personalities.

On the day of the photo session, my kids decided to wake up way too early. Like 5AM early. I wondered... should I cancel? Will the kids co-operate? (I know how my 3-year-old can be sans sleep.) Oh, what a loss if I had cancelled! Luckily, I persevered, and thanks to David's excellent talent, it was a fun, enjoyable photo session for everyone. Keeping an over-tired 3-year-old happy whilst also taking lovely photos? A true mark of an excellent photographer, I say.

Go ahead and take a look at a sample of the photos. More of my thoughts are interspersed among the images (plus a special offer from David Bier Photography at the end of the post).

Let's start with the actual session: My kids immediately warmed to David. He engages with children in a natural and authentic manner. In fact, the photo session was much more a playdate rather than the stressful posed family photographs one might imagine... Their was no work on the part of my kids, except to be just that—kids.

The photographs: The photos actually exceeded my expectations. I felt like David captured my children — their relationship, cheeky humour, zest for life. I wondered if I would miss colour, but found myself treasuring the timeless elements of black and white and the high-quality prints. David showed me 30 images, and I think 28 of them were my favourites. Plus, it was nice to have a few photos with my kids and me, for once.

Things to know: Each photo session is bespoke. From the location, length of session, and the number of final prints to view. And before David starts snapping away, he gets to know you and your children, discusses your expectations, and finds out what you'd like to do with the photographs. 

Another thing: If you're looking for photography on a budget, David's not for you. But if you're looking for investment photos that will double as high-quality, sentimental artwork, he's your man. 

Special Offer: David is offering all readers a 50% discount on the sitting fee. Book before May 1, 2012 (for a photo session anytime this year) and pay £250 for the sitting fee (regularly £500). Just mention Urban Mums. Prints start from £150. For more info, visit David Bier Photography.

(Disclaimer: While this photo session was complimentary, the review and opinions expressed are my own.)
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