Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Everyman Cinema

Over the weekend, my daughter celebrated her 6th birthday at the Everyman Cinema in Maida Vale. If you haven't been to an Everyman, I highly recommend an indulgent visit. Small and cozy, the Everyman offers comfortable sofas, delicious food (yes, it is possible to eat well in the cinema!) and a fantastic selection of films — from mainstream to art house, and even a Kid's Club on the weekend.

We invited a few of my daughter's friends for the Saturday Kid's Club showing, and then continued the celebrations post-film with snacks, pizza and drinks from the cinema's cafe. And I have to say, it was one of the easiest parties to organise and enjoy! We kept the numbers small and simply enjoyed a favourite outing of my daughter's, embellished with the usual birthday fanfare of homemade cupcakes and party bags.

As for the Everyman Cinema, I can vouch for the Maida Vale location's excellent customer service, comfortable sofas, and yummy food (so far we have had their pizza, hummus and pita, drinks, popcorn and various chocolate snacks). Film times for the Kid's Club are released every Tuesday and just £5 a ticket, which includes admission for both a child + adult.

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