Thursday, 19 July 2012

urban nursery: the Alma Mini Crib

Since I'm expecting a baby soon, I've been thinking about nursery gear that's ideal for an urban lifestyle. Specifically, items that are eye-pleasing, functional and space efficient.

One of the pieces which recently caught my eye is the Alma Mini Urban Crib.  Here's what I love about the Alma Mini:

1. The modern design and colours—the grey is my favourite.
2. It's smaller than a full-size cot, and can wheel through doorways.
3. It's easy to assemble (less than 5 minutes), and simply folds for storing.
4. Also, it lasts longer than a Moses Basket, suggesting babies up to two-years-old can still still sleep in it.

Do you have a Alma Mini crib? Do you love it as much as I think I would? What about the regular size version? I love that one too, but there is something about the mini and being able to wheel it to different rooms that seems so perfect.

(You can view all the features of the Alma Mini on the Bloom website here.)

Update: I just purchased a secondhand Alma Mini in excellent condition. Love it already and the baby isn't even here yet! 
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