Thursday, 4 October 2012

Baby and Mum Cinema

A few weeks ago I went to my first baby & mum cinema screening. It was such a happy indulgence! Several cinemas in London offer a weekly mid-day screening for mums and their under 1's, and it is a really fabulous idea.

I watched Anna Karenina at the Everyman Cinema in Maida Vale. The cinema was busier than I expected with mums and their babies. Also, I was surprised to learn my ticket also included a drink and slice of cake. I went for the vanilla cheesecake and it was delicious. Most of the babies slept and ate during the film, and there were no rude stares or uncomfortable moments when your baby needed settling. At first I was worried my experience would be a bit like this funny one that was written in the Guardian, but I heard the dialogue and enjoyed the film despite intermittent baby sounds.

Other cinemas that offer baby and mum screenings in London include the Electric Cinema and The Lexi Cinema. If you have a baby under age one, give it a try! I think the younger the baby, the easier to enjoy the cinema...

(photo credit via the guardian)
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