Friday, 30 November 2012

Claire's for UNICEF

UNICEF recently sent my daughter a bracelet from the Claire's Gift of Life jewelry line. The bracelet is one of six accessories that supports UNICEF's efforts to provide life-saving vaccinations, food and clean water to children. For each item purchased in this special collection, £1 will go to help these children.

My daughter loved the bracelet, and we both love the mission (which is mentioned on the back of the package), so we decided to buy enough to send to her cousins and a few friends for Christmas this year. It's a sweet little gift that helps other people at the same time.

Available at Claire's.

Also, a Christmas Concert in London that support UNICEF.

(p.s. When I was getting my degree, I dreamed of working at UNICEF. I still think it would be pretty cool.)
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