Thursday, 6 December 2012

Blurb Instagram Book

I just received my finished Instagram book from Blurb, and I love every single page. If you don't know Instagram, it's a cool photo-sharing app for iPhones and Androids. It's one of my very favourite apps as it documents so much of our everyday life (and it definitely beats lugging my big camera everywhere). 

A few weeks ago, the bookmaking company Blurb asked if I would like to create my own Instagram book. A smart-looking square photobook that contains so many family memories... yes! With the hardcopy fresh in my hands, I can confirm that it's a service I will definitely use again. 

I'm so impressed with the quality of the book. The photos are crisp and clear, printed on matt paper that is just the right thickness. The cover is sturdy and I love the simple design. It really is a treasure to have so much of our everyday life contained in this 7x7inch book. 

Creating the book was fairly easy. I just followed the onscreen Blurb prompts and the service retrieved my most recent Instagram photos. I knew I wanted to make a massive book, so I went back and retrieved lots more photos (under edit, then click get more photos).  I also de-selected several photos that I didn't want in the book too. The whole process took about an hour to make, but I made the largest book possible (the maximum number of pages is 240) and it was my first time using Blurb.

This book makes me so happy and I've since gone back and made a few photobooks for Christmas gifts this year. I'm kind of addicted now... Also, I was given a code to share after making the book - 30% off your first order by following this link.

(Note: I chose to print the photos on matt paper for a small extra fee.)
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