Friday, 25 January 2013

BBC Danish Drama

Tomorrow is Saturday night. So you can bet I'll be sitting on my sofa watching a double dose of my new favourite Danish drama, Borgen. Newspapers have been covering the UK's love affair with Danish television shows, and I am certainly hooked. It all started with The Killing which we stumbled upon on Netflix... Now we're on to Borgen and after that I guess we better catch The Bridge — a Swedish/Danish drama that received great reviews too.

I'm can't speak for last series I mentioned, but as for The Killing and Borgen, I love that the leads are strong, smart female characters. It's so refreshing. Have you jumped on the Danish drama bandwagon too?

(P.S. We often reminisce about a family holiday we took to Denmark... We lucked out with gorgeous late summer summer weather. Such a peaceful vacation!)
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