Thursday, 16 May 2013

Urban Living: Families Moving to London

If you've ever moved abroad, you know it can be incredibly overwhelming. Aside from making the crucial decisions—like finding a neighborhood, school and home, there are hundreds of other questions that crop up along the way. In fact, most expats say it takes six to twelve months to feel settled in London. And there are some who state it takes well over year!

That's why I'm excited to announce Urban Living, a London relocation service for families. We design personalised days and half-days, where we show you properties, neighbourhoods and lifestyles that align with your families priorities. We expedite the settling-in process. So, whether it's helping you identify the right home, hiring a nanny, or taking you to the best shops and restaurants, we help you establish your new life in days rather than months.

Here's a handy summary of what we do:

- Substantially reduce the settling-in period for families
- Increase and expedite knowledge and understanding of London
- Help expats find the right property and neighbourhood
- Share further advice on schools, lifestyles, healthcare, culture, everyday living, food, shopping, children's recreation, making friends, childcare, travel and much more
- Familiarise and help you feel comfortable as you navigate your new surroundings
- Help you fall in love with London

We're excited to help more families enjoy the city and discover the best of London. If you're interested in our services, please do get in touch. You can send an email to More information can be found on the website too.

(Feel free to share your thoughts about this new service in the comments, too!)

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