Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Aspen's Roots

Aspen's Roots is a simple and beautiful story about family connections and thinking of others.

The book tells the story of Aspen, a young, carefree sapling who is growing up amongst a grove of trees. As the seasons change and Aspen encounters the loneliness and challenges of winter, Aspen discovers that her roots are connected to the family of trees around her. She finds strength through her family's support and emerges with a kind of wisdom that young children can easily grasp.

I loved the details in Aspen's Roots, from the rhyming diction, to the beautiful and thoughtful illustrations. I even admired the pretty end papers, lining the inside covers of the book. I was also touched that the author initially wrote the book for his grandchildren and that the source of his inspiration was an actual Aspen Grove near his home.

You can read (and see!) more about Aspen's Roots here. If you'd like to order the book internationally, visit US Amazon and select your shipping address or go here for international rates.
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