Thursday, 20 June 2013

Black Bottom Cupcakes

The last time I visited Hummingbird Bakery, my friend told me to get the Black Bottom Cupcake. I didn't know what was so special about this cupcake, but I followed her orders... And oh my gosh, I kind of went to heaven at first bite.

The Black Bottom Cupcake consists of a dark, decadent chocolate sponge, a cheesecake centre, and cream cheese frosting. It was so delicious. I would even go so far as to say it's my favourite cupcake in all of London... (I've had it three times since!). As for cupcakeries (I may have just made up a new word), Hummingbird Bakery is my favourite in London. 

A lot of talk for one cupcake... Are you a cupcake connoisseur? Do you think Hummingbird is the best place for cupcakes or do you favour another bakery?  

(My favourite homemade lemon cupcakes. I also love these pumpkin cream cheese cupcakes too!)
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