Friday, 5 July 2013

London Burger Battle (Shake Shake, Five Guys)

The newspapers are calling it a "burger battle" as two favourite American diner-style restaurants opened up in London this week. They join the ranks of homegrown favourites like Byron, Honest Burger, and GBK. (Byron being my favourite among those listed above!)

Shake Shack (any New Yorker will know it) and Five Guys (a nation-wide chain in the USA) opened their doors in Covent Garden this week.

I emailed a New York friend to ask what I should order from her beloved Shake Shack and I'm pretty much salivating over this idea of "frozen custard" (flavours change daily). Both Shake Shack and Five Guys offer additional diner-style food too, so if hamburgers aren't your thing, there are other menu items to choose from.

If you visit, let us know your thoughts!

(photo credit: here)

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