Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Three Favourite Holidays in Italy

I've partnered with Gardena to share three favourite holidays in Italy. Perfect timing for the summer holidays! Gardena operates Hotel Tirler in the gorgeous Dolomites (the Italian Alps). I've never visited the Dolomites, but after visiting this website, I think it would make a spectacular and relaxing summer vacation. Here are three favourite holidays in Italy:

Several years ago, my mom visited and fell in love with Italy. So when I moved to London, she arranged for the two of us to return to her favourite city—Florence. We stayed in the birthplace of the Renaissance for four nights and made day trips to Lucca, Pisa, San Gimignano, and Siena.

One of my favourite memories of our trip is renting bikes and cycling along the top of the stone wall that surrounds the city of Lucca. It was sunny Autumn day and we passed a group of old men playing cards which made the morning all the more idyllic. I even snapped a one-handed photo of these cute men whilst riding my bike!

The Amalfi Coast was still on my mom's list of places to visit in Italy, so she kindly arranged another trip for the two of us. We flew into Naples Airport and hopped on a bus to the city centre where we tracked down the famous pizza from the novel Eat, Pray, Love. It was a confusing mess to locate the pizzeria in busy Naples, but so worth it when we took our first bite. This pizza was divine!

We stayed in Sorrento and took day trips to Positano, Capri and Pompeii. When we were in Positano, we went on a Discover Positano walking tour, which we would higly recommend for a first visit. It's run by a charming Aussie Expat who moved to the Amalfi town when she married a Positano native. The two-hour tour gave us a perfect glimpse into the history, food and ambience of Positano. (More Positano tips here). Then we laid on the beach, ate gelato, and treated ourselves to a delicious Italian lunch.

Last Autumn, we rented a house near Lucca and drove around Tuscany. Our purpose was to enjoy family time and the Italian ambience, so we skipped museums and focused on charming town squares, gelato, Tuscan hills and beaches. One of my favourite parts of the trip was driving into the Tuscan hills to visit San Gimignano. It's where our expectations of what Tuscany looks like came to life—picturesque rolling hill, vineyards, Cypress trees and Tuscan estates. So gorgeous!

Where are your favourite spots in Italy? I've never been to Rome and I'd love to go back to Venice someday!
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