Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Ultimate Family Organiser

It's back to school, which means life just became infinitely busier. I'm hoping to keep a better handle on our lives this year with the The Master Plan Diary, a clever family organiser that allows you to see every member's schedule at a weekly glance.

The Master Plan is a planner for mum or dad and up to four children. Each individual has their own column, and there's also a space for keeping track of birthdays and menu planning.

I love my iPhone and all that, but I've never had much success with a digital planner. So, I'm looking forward to filling in the first pages of The Master Plan this week.

The Master Plan comes in a number of cool colours and costs £22.50 (which includes delivery). The website is currently set up for Australian orders, but UK orders can be processed by emailing London mum Annabel at
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