Wednesday, 30 October 2013

4 Favourites in the East End

While helping a family find their new home in East London, I've also found some new favourite haunts for myself. Here are four favourite places in E2.

1. Columbia Road is mostly silent during the week, but even when all the shop doors are shut tight, you can stop at this little nook for Monmouth coffee and Green & Black's hot chocolate (above). It's so random and delicious that it's perfect. Ring the bell in the window and a polite man will appear from the stairs and make you the right hot drink to takeaway. (Pictured, above.)

2&3. Calvert Avenue is just off Shoreditch High Street and has two cute cafes to duck into and enjoy: The first is Leila's Shop (above). Leila's offer a fresh, farm-style fruit and veg shop from one side and a cafe on the other. I actually haven't eaten here, but it's got the right look to be delicious!

The second is Paper & Cup, "a little hideaway to finish that gripping novel or just to catch up with friends"—alongside delectable drinks and cakes, of course. 

4. Along Redchurch Street, Labour & Wait is the much revered home shop that sells timeless, well-designed and functional items for daily life. I also love the green tiling outside. 

What are your favourites around here? I'd love to try this pasta shop on Redchurch Street sometime...

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