Sunday, 20 October 2013

Trick or Treating in London

Halloween is just over a week away, so I'm sharing the best places to trick or treat in London. I've asked a few friends from different parts of the city to share where they take their kids on Halloween night, and I've also included our favourite London streets for trick or treating too. Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treating in Kensington & Chelsea
Before my friend Therese moved to New York, she lived in Chelsea for several years. She says, "My advice is to go trick or treating early. We used to set off about 5.30 or 6pm. Once dark falls, the crowds gather, and it gets to be too much for the little ones. We've spent upwards of two hours trick or treating and admiring the house decorations in the following streets: The Little Boltons, Tregunter Road, The Boltons, and the rectangle made up by Phillimore Walk, Phillimore Gardens, Upper Phillimore Gardens and Argyll Road, and all the streets in between. 

Trick of Treating in Primrose Hill
My friend Courtney, co-founder of Babyccino Kids has lived in London for 10 years. She suggests, "Head to Primrose Hill and start at Chalcot Square where nearly every house on the square joins in on the fun. You can then walk down Chalcot Road, Fitzroy Road and the surrounding neighbourhood streets. It's always a fun night out for the kids and quite the social scene for parents too!"

Trick or Treating in Belgravia
My friend Julie is a photographer, pregnant with her third child and lives in South Kensington. She says, "The best Halloween night for small children is at Chester Square in Belgravia. The KCWC puts on a Halloween party open to non-KCWC members in the garden square with activities in the church, and then the kids can go trick or treating around the square, and the treats are good! You do have to register with them in advance, but event is free and in the most secure neighbourhood."

Trick or Treating in Chiswick
My friend Becca is a talented and fabulous mum to four and lives in lovely Chiswick. Her family enjoys trick or treating along Park Road and Stavely Road in W4. She says, "The two roads are long with lots of houses. Every year it gets bigger and better as Halloween gets more popular."

Trick or Treating in St John's Wood
We live near St John's Wood and I couldn't believe how festive and busy it was the first time I took my kids. Busier than any neighborhoods I visited as a child in the USA! We like to start early, because it gets crazy as the evening goes on - 4.30/5 is a good starting time. We stick to Carlton Hill, Clifton Hill, Loudon Road and sometimes we go by Springfield Road too. If you wander around NW8, you will find many streets that participate in trick or treating, but the ones I listed are our favourites and seem to be the most festive.

(Top/Bottom Photo via Me, Middle Photo via Therese)
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