Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Holidaying in the UK / DEVON

As much as I love London, sometimes it's just so nice to take a break from the city and breathe... This summer we spent time touring around the country, and I fell in love with the UK all over again. I'll share my favourites over a number of posts, but first I'll start with DEVON.

//// We loved Dartmouth / Salcombe / Slapton Sands / Castle Ruins ////

We hit the weather jackpot when we visited Devon this summer. The UK was experiencing a warm and sunny summer and it perfectly coincided with our coastal holiday. Here are my family's top picks from our first trip to Devon:

Dartmouth / An ancient harbour town set along the River Dart.  We walked along the charming town streets (dating to the 14th-Century) and then took part in the tourist-favourite pastime of crabbing. Local shops sell everything you need to crab at the harbour—nets, bucket, line, pole and bait.  Our kids loved it!  For dinner, we grabbed fish 'n chips from Rockfish. There's a takeaway shop and a sit-down restaurant in separate locations. The fish was so delicious. 

Salcombe / When we first drove into the town we marveled at the tropical-like water. Were we really in the UK? We even spotted a few palm trees! Remnants of Salcombe Castle sit at the coastline, and like Dartmouth, boats fill the harbour. We took a water taxi to the South Sands, where the beachside remains unspoilt by buildings or shops. Salcombe town itself is has a charming preppy-nautical feel. There are some really impressive homes here too.

Beaches / There are so many beautiful beaches in Devon, just get over the fact that most are pebble beaches! I'm not sure of the name of this beach we visited, but it was just down the road from Dartmouth. 

Slapton Sands / These flat beaches were former practice grounds for D-Day. We stopped to view the beachside monuments, dedicated to both soliders and local residents.

Berry Pomeroy Castle / This castle is tied to my family history, so it was particularly interesting to walk around the ruins and listen to the audio tape. I took a bunch of photos that I still need to send to my grandfather. I would definitely recommend seeing what English Heritage or National Trust sites are nearby and pick a couple to visit. 

If you have any suggestions for other places to visit in Devon, please let me know!

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